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COM Port for Android    


CP4A is a serial communications utility, which combines network and local real
virtual serial port functions into one.

In today’s economy, faster and better access to information can mean the difference
between success and failure. The CP4A server provides a quick, simple and cost
-effective way to bring the advantages of data accessibility and remote management
to equipment not currently connected to a network.

Our approach to network-enabling devices is transparent to your attached devices
and software.
Using a method called serial tunneling, the CP4A encapsulates serial
data into packets and transports it over Ethernet.
The included redirection software
extends the functionality of your COM port-based Windows® applications and any
Android device (Android 2.1 and 2.2).

CP4A has been developed for interconnecting Android devices with COM ports shared
by a local operating Windows© PC. It effectively turns any computer into a low-cost
network access sever for COM ports.
Since most Android phones and Tablet-PC do not
dispose serial interfaces, this
utility allows sharing a serial port (either a hardware- or a
virtual COM port) over TCP/IP networks (LAN or even WLAN).

The serial port is becoming scarce on some computers/motherboards and certainly has
not featured on most laptops for some time. Therefore the use of USB-to-RS232

connectors has became quite popular whereas the USB port is taken to provide
serial data streams to any external hardware.

To share COM ports you need to download "COMPort
.apk" from Android Marketplace.
Please search for "COM Port". For PC server side you may download
"setup_cp4a_srv32.exe" for Windows from this page.
This Software is absoluetly free!

Please consider that "COMPort.apk" has been developed to allow other Android
apps to share COM ports.

If you are an Android developer (programmer) this app gives you an easy and
very comfortable option to adapt your individual Android software to serial ports.
It is most likely not possible, to use any 3-party app for sharing COM ports, since
COMPort.apk expects a a few, but very quite specific ASCII command strings.
Prior of ordering this app on Android marketplace, please make sure that your
App fulfils all requirements. For more technical detail download the manual.

COM Port Server (Win 32 Bit)
Virtual-Printer-Server works on Win XP and Win7 (32) systems! 

Win 7 (64) will be provided in a few days!

Download CP4A Manual 


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no warranty or representation, 
either express or implied, including but not limited to, any implied warranty of
merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

This software is provided "AS IS", and you, its user, assume all risks when
using it.